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About Central

We gather every Sunday at 11 am. Our goal is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, to walk in his way, and live with love and mercy. We welcome all people. We understand that everyone is on a unique spiritual path, and that our common humanity binds us one to another.

Contact Us
  • Email: cuc@bellnet.ca
  • Phone: (416)241-7544
  • Central United Church
  • 1 King Street
  • Weston, ON
  • M9N 1K8
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More Information
We are located in the heart of Weston. Once the largest town in what became Metropolitan Toronto, Weston was overtaken by sprawl in the 1950's. We are a mix of urban, suburban and small town. We have been on the same street corner since 1821. See a map.

Space for Rent
There are several spaces within the church suitable for occasional or ongoing use. Call the office (416-241-7544) to inquire.

Event Highlight

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We are known for our outreach
We are host and founding partner in two United Church Incorporated Ministries, organizations set up to further the mission of Central and make a positive impact on the community that surrounds the church. Both express our desire to follow the compassionate way of Jesus Christ. Central King Senior's Residence is attached to the church, located at 15 King Street. The majority of units are rent-geared-to-income (RGI). They can be reached at 416-614-0667. Weston King Neighbourhood Centre is located in the ground-level suite in the church, with the address 2017 Weston Road. It provides a community space for poor, disadvantaged and socially-isolated members of the Weston community, and is open six days a week. Come for a warm meal, informal counseling, or harm reduction services. WKNC also has a satellite in Mount Dennis, the Mount Dennis Neighbourhood Centre. Located at 1269 Weston Road, MDNC includes a learning kitchen, community garden and various other services. Visit wknc.ca for more information or call 416-241-9898.

Our Minister

Michael Kooiman is our minister, serving here since 2008. He shares Central's passion for worship and work in the community. His sermon archive can be found at sermonboy.com

Send Michael an email

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Last Week's Sermon

May 25, 2016

This week we celebrate with our former intern Beki Duncan as she covenants with Badjeros United Church on Sunday (May 29, 3 pm). We pray for Beki and the congregation as her ministry continues.

See you Saturday (May 28) for “The World in Music,” our spring concert. The concert begins at 7 pm and will feature world class performers(!) and prizes to be won. Get your ticket at the door, $20.

Another update on refugee sponsorship from Martin Boyd: "I've just received news from Arif Virani's office [Parkdale—High Park MP], whom I'd asked to follow up on news of Hamza and Souheir's case. They've been informed by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) that our case is moving forward swiftly; they have successfully completed the interview and medical and security screening is already underway. Based on this, we should expect contact from IRCC some time in the next month with details of when they will be arriving in Canada. So we're almost there!"

Orange on Mother's Day always works!

Worship at Central

We call it traditional worship with a twist. The service unfolds with the usual scripture-sermon-prayer format, but the added dimension of congregational participation and lots of interaction. We honour the children with their own place in the service, and prepare them for Church School. We have both Junior and Senior Choirs, an occasional Jazz ensemble and regular solo performances.

We follow the Revised Common Lectionary, which is available here.

This Sunday's Readings

Psalm 96: "Sing to God a new song."

Mark 10.35-45: "Are you able to drink from the cup that I must soon drink from or be baptized as I must be baptized?"


Big Breakfasts Are Back! Join Frontlines on Saturday, May 28th at Weston Presbyterian Church, Lower Creelman Hall, 7 Cross Street at 9.30 am. Celebrate Spring while breakfasting with your friends and neighbours. $12. All proceeds go to supporting Frontlines Youth Programs. For more information or tickets call Frontlines 416­-244-­7017 or email Sandra Heathfield at dougsan@rogers.com or Carol Latimer at carol.latimer@sympatico.ca

A gentle reminder that some members are sensitive to perfume and other scents. Thank you for your consideration.

Plan to attend the Weston King Neighbourhood Centre Annual General Meeting, Tuesday, June 7 beginning at 7 pm. Come early to meet the nominees to the Board of Directors, view the displays, and talk to staff. 2017 Weston Road (aka 1 King Street).

We make our own weather.

A Minute for Mission

Since the early 1990s, Mission & Service has partnered with Los Quinchos School in Managua, Nicaragua. Los Quinchos strives to rehabilitate and reintegrate street children through a wholistic, educational approach.

Mission & Service goes to support the ongoing quality breakfast and lunch program that is a significant contribution to children’s nutrition in the San Judas barrio. About 900 students were expected to register in the day program this year. Three hundred of them receive full scholarships. Other primary students pay 20 córdobas per month (about $1); secondary students pay 85 córdobas (about $4). Afternoon students pay a higher fee (300 córdobas, or $15), which subsidizes other activities, such as additional staff, water, security, electricity, and so on. Salaries for 35 of the 45 teaching staff are paid by the government.

A number of United Church groups have visited Los Quinchos to see firsthand all the wonderful work our partner is able to achieve through our gifts for Mission & Service. Principal Luis Fariñas celebrates the arrival of these groups as a way to celebrate the partnership.

We are thankful for our Mission & Service gifts that support the ministry of the Los Quinchos School, which feeds and supports street children in Nicaragua’s capital city, Managua!

“I always have to fight for keeping positive”

This story is about a 57‐year‐old man I will call “Fred”. He has multiple health issues and has lived on a disability pension for over 20 years. It has never been easy to manage the budget, but now he is finding himself anxious because it becoming harder every year. While the pension rates have increased slightly, the costs of food, rent and transportation have increased even more. In the last 12 months the Consumer Price Index shows that the prices for fresh vegetables have risen by almost 15 percent and fruit by over 11 percent. TTC fares have increased again and his rent increases each year too.

By eating at the drop‐in as often as possible, Fred is able to get by on spending about $30 a week for groceries. He eats simply, for example, a bagel or cereal for breakfast and soup for dinner. He tries to get his eggs, milk, meat and vegetables at the drop‐in, but when the weather is bad or he is too sick he does without. “I am thinning out, and if I go below 150 I get a little scared” says the six foot Fred.

Fred’s mixture of medications is covered by healthcare, but if he gets a cold and wants to buy cold medication he must cut back on the food budget. He lives in a rooming house, and the shared kitchen and bathroom with the other tenants increases Fred’s chances of picking up illnesses. He particularly dislikes having to share a bathroom with others who are not family members.

His cancer has come back and that could mean more surgery and appointments, and the necessary travel costs to reach the healthcare facilities will cut into the food he needs to keep up his health. “I’m very blessed. I just hope everything keeps positive because I always have to fight to keep positive.”

Barbara Bisgrove

Community Announcements

Jubilate Singers presents the World Premier of "Birds & Waterflows" by Nina Soyfer. The concert will include music by Mendelssohn, Williams, Berlin, Chatman and more. Saturday, June 4, 7.30 pm at St. Simon-the-Apostle Church, 525 Bloor Street East. $26 adults, $20 seniors, $15 students.

A very unique 2-Day Conference with Amy-Jill Levine called Jesus: The Misunderstood Jew. June 3-5 at College Street United Church, 454 College Street. Amy-Jill Levine is a Jewish scholar who teaches Christian scriptures. She is offering eight lectures in all, her titles include: “How Jews and Christians Read Scripture Differently,” “Jesus in his Jewish Context: Piety, Practice, Prayer, and Promise,” and “Of Pearls and Prodigals: Hearing the Parables through Jewish Ears." For more information or to register contact Chris Levan at chris.levan4@gmail.com. You call also call 416-929-3019 or 647-385-6661. Cost $110 per person with and special rates for groups of 5 or more.

In the Library

Jesus Drives Me Crazy by Leonard Sweet

This book calls Christians to the World According to NUTS…where NUTS is an acronym for 'Never Underestimate The Spirit." Prof. Sweet is the E. Stanley Jones chair at Drew University.

Worth a Look

Editor Nicole Cliffe describes How God Messed Up My Happy Atheist Life.

Photo by Mark Bisgrove


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