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About Central

We gather every Sunday at 11 am. Our goal is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, to walk in his way, and live with love and mercy. We welcome all people. We understand that everyone is on a unique spiritual path, and that our common humanity binds us one to another.

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  • Email: cuc@bellnet.ca
  • Phone: (416)241-7544
  • Central United Church
  • 1 King Street
  • Weston, ON
  • M9N 1K8
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More Information
We are located in the heart of Weston. Once the largest town in what became Metropolitan Toronto, Weston was overtaken by sprawl in the 1950's. We are a mix of urban, suburban and small town. We have been on the same street corner since 1821. See a map.

Space for Rent
There are several spaces within the church suitable for occasional or ongoing use. Call the office (416-241-7544) to inquire.

We are known for our outreach
We are host and founding partner in two United Church Incorporated Ministries, organizations set up to further the mission of Central and make a positive impact on the community that surrounds the church. Both express our desire to follow the compassionate way of Jesus Christ. Central King Senior's Residence is attached to the church, located at 15 King Street. The majority of units are rent-geared-to-income (RGI). They can be reached at 416-614-0667. Weston King Neighbourhood Centre is located in the ground-level suite in the church, with the address 2017 Weston Road. It provides a community space for poor, disadvantaged and socially-isolated members of the Weston community, and is open six days a week. Come for a warm meal, informal counseling, or harm reduction services. WKNC also has a satellite in Mount Dennis, the Mount Dennis Neighbourhood Centre. Located at 1269 Weston Road, MDNC includes a learning kitchen, community garden and various other services. Visit wknc.ca for more information or call 416-241-9898.

Our Minister

Michael Kooiman is our minister, serving here since 2008. He shares Central's passion for worship and work in the community. His sermon archive can be found at sermonboy.com

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Last Week's Sermon

September 29, 2016

Exciting news! There is a very high possibility that the couple we are sponsoring, Hamza and Souheir, will be arriving in Toronto on October 23. We haven't received the final confirmation from the government yet, but authorities in Beirut say the 23rd is the day! Please pray for Hamza and Souheir as they prepare to travel, and also remember our volunteers as the enter this exiting phase. For more information, or ways to help, please speak to Edna Harding.

This Sunday (October 2) is going to be busy! It's Worldwide Communion, our first monthly luncheon for the year (dogs & slaw!) and the day we give out some Lauriers, lots of Lauriers (see below).

Wait, a church that hands out money? Yes, we have seed money available beginning this Sunday (October 2) for Sell Your Talent, our annual craft and talent sale. The sale it scheduled for Sunday, November 27, but we want to give you the lead time (and the $5) to get started as soon as possible. More information on Sunday.

Books are swapped earlier this year! Sunday, October 23 we conclude the service and retreat to the narthex where avid readers will swap books or sell books ($1). Also, if you have DVDs or VHS movies you can swap those too. We ask that unswapped books go home with you, but you can leave videos for the drop-in. Speak to Michael for more details.

Save the date: Sunday, October 30 is our 195th Anniversary and Outreach Service with the Rev. Patricia Gale MacDonald (October 30). It's a bit of a comeback tour, since Patricia preached at the 170th anniversary service in 1991.

Save the date, part two: "Welcome Yule" with the Jubilate Singers as they perform Benjamin Britten's "A Ceremony of Carols" and other seasonal music on Sunday, November 13 at 3 pm. Details to follow.

Large print 2016-17 calendars are available at the back of the sanctuary.

These apples are crying out to become apple jelly-jam.

Worship at Central

We call it traditional worship with a twist. The service unfolds with the usual scripture-sermon-prayer format, but the added dimension of congregational participation and lots of interaction. We honour the children with their own place in the service, and prepare them for Church School. We have both Junior and Senior Choirs, an occasional Jazz ensemble and regular solo performances.

We follow the Revised Common Lectionary, which is available here.

This Sunday's Readings

Psalm 37: "Trust in the Lord.'"

Luke 17.5-10: "The apostles said to the Lord, 'Increase our faith!'"


The Outreach Committee will meet on Sunday, October 2 at 9.30 am.

The Trustees will also meet this Sunday (October 2) at 10 am.

Regular readers will know that certain themes crop up from time to time. Photography is certainly one of them, adding a visual element to the blast/website and highlighting the congregation, Weston, nature, sailing (of course!) and religious art. To build on this theme, we have few things planned this year that will highlight art at Central. We are planning at least three photography exhibitions, a photography challenge (see below) and a painting exhibit in Lent (details are still being worked out). Watch this space for more details.

Want to contribute a photo to the blast? Want to borrow a camera to try? Each week we are inviting a Centralite to borrow Michael's old DSLR camera (Pentax, circa 2007) and take some photos for the blast. You will have a SD card, some fresh batteries and a brief tutorial to get you going—and the rest is up to you! Speak to Michael for more information.

Save the date! On Saturday, November 26 there will be a Christmas Concert and Sing-a-long.

A gentle reminder that some members are sensitive to perfume and other scents. Thank you for your consideration.

We received thanks from Simon Chamberlain and his cycling cohort, raising funds to end MS. They endured a burst inner tube and a bee sting, but in the end completed the ride and raised a goodly amount! Congratulations, Simon!

Focus on Giving

Focus on Giving is a new section designed to highlight stewardship within the life of Central: to inspire generosity and give thanks to God for the gifts we have to share. We will be using the resource Called to Be the Church—Salt and Light from United Church, and adapting it to this context. As we share elements of the program, we would appreciate your feedback. Speak to Michael or Kathy Steiner.

Ever give a testimonial? Part of our Focus on Giving includes inviting elders, members and friends to answer the question 'Why I Give?' This week, we hear from Jenny Osther:

You can pray anywhere (and you probably do). Those who don’t come to church will tell you they are spiritual and they don’t need a building or an institution. So why come to church? Why pay to keep it going? For me it is the sense of community I get seeing this group of like-minded folk every week. Meeting here takes me out of my daily grind and reminds me what is important. Good things happen here from both an outreach and a spiritual point of view.

A Minute for Mission

In Dumaguete City, Philippines, tricycles—motorcycle taxis with a side passenger car—are the main form of public transportation. Very few of the 3,000 drivers own their tricycles. Earning about $2.50– $7.50 per day, many cannot afford to purchase their vehicle and have to rent from operators at a daily rate of $7.50. Many drivers must borrow from unscrupulous “five-six operators”: for every 5-peso loan, the borrower pays interest of 1 peso every six days. This can accumulate to as much as 240 percent interest annually.

Mission and Service partner the Institute of Religion and Culture in the Philippines runs a program to help tricycle drivers earn a fair living for their family. Working closely with an association of drivers, the institute purchased tricycles that drivers buy on a rent-to-own basis. Through the program, 67 drivers have been able to purchase tricycles.

The Institute of Religion and Culture also finances small loans for school fees and other household essentials. One of the original participants, a tricycle driver whose wife is a street vendor, not only paid off his loan for the tricycle but also loans for children’s school fees and house repairs. The family now owns a decent house, and their three children have graduated from college and are working. The father still drives his tricycle; the mother is still a vendor.

The institute and the tricycle drivers’ association thank the people of the United Church for supporting families in Dumaguete City. Please continue to give generously.

Looking to Change

This summer, the Centre for Research on Inner City Health (CRICH) was renamed the Centre for Urban Health Solutions. The centre which is based in St. Michael’s Hospital is committed to advancing the health of people who are marginalized and disadvantaged.

The change from “inner city health” to “urban health” reflects the fact that poverty increasingly affects people in our city and adding “solutions” to the name was to emphasize their conviction that they can and must act to address health inequities. To reach these goals the Centre has added scientists and research staff from St. Michael’s Hospital, providing a wider range of expertise.

At the same time, WKNC was looking carefully at what to do to address some of the current challenges it faces. The Centre needs to increase its funding revenues, recruit staff with the right experience and specific expertise to take leadership in the coming years. There needs to be a focus on the latest research and best practices being used elsewhere to support our marginalized community in Weston-Mount Dennis.

At it’s Annual General Meeting, the Board, like CRICH, used a change in language from “restructuring” and “strategic planning” to “revitalizing” in describing the plans for the future. It is looking closely at matching the financial reality with a balance of practical support such as meals and clothing, and the longer term changes made by people participating in offered programs and using the expertise provided to address the housing, harm reduction and isolation needs of the community.

Personally, I want to express my thanks to the caring, good-humoured staff and volunteers who have managed to keep the two sites open and functioning through the summer months, despite being so short-staffed. Also, to the Board members who have had to tackle some challenging issues in the last six months, I extend my thanks.

Barbara Bisgrove

Community Announcements

Do you know about Co-Housing for Creative Aging? Mardi Tindal (former Moderator of the UCC) and her spouse Doug are hosting an event to explore this new style of cooperative living for older adults. Follow this link for information on an upcoming introductory session on October 23rd.

Wednesday Afternoon at the Movies at the Weston Public Library, 2 to 4 pm on October 12 and 26. See Classics, new releases, and recent favourites.

Our friend Adam Norman from Weston Web is looking for volunteers and partners to investigate air quality in Weston. Read about his proposal here.

The Weston Historical Society will be holding its General Meeting on Wednesday, October 5 at The Village of Humber Heights Retirement Home, 2245 Lawrence Avenue West, at 7.30 pm. Guest speakers will be Cherri Hurst and Mary Louise Ashbourne and their topic will be "Hurricane Hazel—Revisited."

Kairos presents "Canada's Environment and First Nation's Issues" on Saturday, October 15 from 9 am to 12 pm. See the poster on the bulletin board for topics and speakers or visit their website. The event will be held at Islington United Church, 25 Burnhamthorpe Road.

In the Library

The Poems and Prayers of Helen Steiner Rice ed. by Virginia Ruehlmann

From her remarkable body of work, this volume includes nearly four hundred original poems--sixteen of them rare and previously uncollected--and one never-before-published prayer discovered in the Helen Steiner Rice Foundation archives. Included are favorites like "The Praying Hands," "Heart Gifts," and "Tribute to John F. Kennedy."

Worth a Look

A remarkable story how 'the past isn't even past' from the opening of the National Museum of African American History in Washington, DC.

Photo by Mark Bisgrove


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