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About Central

We gather every Sunday at 11 am. Our goal is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, to walk in his way, and live with love and mercy. We welcome all people. We understand that everyone is on a unique spiritual path, and that our common humanity binds us one to another.

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  • Email: cuc@bellnet.ca
  • Phone: (416)241-7544
  • Central United Church
  • 1 King Street
  • Weston, ON
  • M9N 1K8
More Information
We are located in the heart of Weston. Once the largest town in what became Metropolitan Toronto, Weston was overtaken by sprawl in the 1950's. We are a mix of urban, suburban and small town. We have been on the same street corner since 1821. See a map.

We are known for our outreach
We are host and founding partner in two United Church Incorporated Ministries, organizations set up to further the mission of Central and make a positive impact on the community that surrounds the church. Both express our desire to follow the compassionate way of Jesus Christ. Central King Senior's Residence is attached to the church, located at 15 King Street. The majority of units are rent-geared-to-income (RGI). They can be reached at 416-614-0667. Weston King Neighbourhood Centre is located in the ground-level suite in the church, with the address 2017 Weston Road. It provides a community space for poor, disadvantaged and socially-isolated members of the Weston community, and is open six days a week. Come for a warm meal, informal counseling, or harm reduction services. WKNC also has a satellite in Mount Dennis, the Mount Dennis Neighbourhood Centre. Located at 1269 Weston Road, MDNC includes a learning kitchen, community garden and various other services. Visit wknc.ca for more information or call 416-241-9898.

Our Minister

Michael Kooiman is our minister, serving here since 2008. He shares Central's passion for worship and work in the community. His sermon archive can be found at sermonboy.com

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Last Week's Sermon

November 25, 2015

This Friday! Please join our Senior and Junior Choirs for a Christmas Concert and sing-along on Friday, November 27 at 7.30 pm. Tickets are $10 in advance, or $15 at the door. Please speak to Taye for tickets and information.

This Sunday (Nov. 29) is the first Sunday of Advent. As we begin the (relatively) short journey to Christmas, we enter a time of self-reflection, pondering how we will welcome the one for whom 'heaven and nature sing.' See you then.

This Sunday (Nov. 29) is also Sell Your Talent, our annual sale. You will find baked goods, chilli, knits, sewn items, Apple Jelly-Jam and more! Proceeds to the church. Small change (and lots of it) recommended.

Attention knitters! Sunday, December 13th is our White Gift service, so now is the time to begin making mittens, hats or scarves. Thanks!

December 13th is also Kid's Klub Gingerbread House Day. After coffee, children and the young-at-heart will make gingerbread houses. Dreaming of a unique candy design element? Bring it along to share with the kids.

Worship at Central

We call it traditional worship with a twist. The service unfolds with the usual scripture-sermon-prayer format, but the added dimension of congregational participation and lots of interaction. We honour the children with their own place in the service, and prepare them for Church School. We have both Junior and Senior Choirs, an occasional Jazz ensemble and regular solo performances.

We follow the Revised Common Lectionary, which is available here.

This Week's Readings

Psalm 25: "Make me to know your ways, O LORD; teach me your paths."

Luke 21.29-36: "Truly I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all things have taken place."


Central King Seniors Residence presents their annual Mini-Christmas Sale, Saturday, November 28th, 9 am to 1 pm. Look for Christmas ornaments, knitted goods, bake-sale table and lots of other great items!

Plan ahead for Christmas Blooms, our annual plant and flower decorating. Donate and dedicate a plant, enjoy it as we decorate the sanctuary, and then take comfort knowing that it has been passed along to someone who might need their season brightened with a plant. Joan Fulford will begin to accept donations on December 6th. Also, let her know if you can deliver a plant after the 22nd.

Then plan ahead for White Gift (Dec. 13). During the service we receive money and non-perishable food items for the Weston Area Emergency Support (WAES) food bank. Money helps WAES buy food in bulk, which is generally cheaper, and also targets a specific need. If you plan to bring food (or food in addition), go for the high-protein items like canned fish, meat, or beans.

Late breaking request! Edna Harding tells me that the food bank is short on the following items: canned fruit, shampoo, hand soap, soup, toothpaste and tooth brushes. Make them a part of your White Gift, or bring them along any time.

Are you a member of the Weston King Neighbourhood Centre? It's time to join or renew! Members of the Centre demonstrate their support for the work of the organization, and vote at the annual meeting! See Wendy Whiteley for a form or more information.

Get one before they're gone: Cathy Leask has 2016 Church Calendars for sale, only $5.

Who are you? Continuing this Sunday, Barbara Bisgrove will be asking the question "who are you" and "do we have all your contact information?" She will also have offering envelopes, PAR forms, and forms to revise your PAR contribution. At the very least, say "Hello!"

Good news! We have joined the Toronto West End Refugee Partnership, along with Westway, Emmanuel-Howard Park and Windermere. We are working together with the national office of the church to identify and sponsor two refugees. We will send two or more volunteers and between $5,000 and $7,000 to the partnership, allowing us to meet the requirement of a full year of support. So far, we have pledges totalling $5,720 toward Central's contribution. What can you do? First, pray for the group was they begin their work. Next, consider a contribution toward sponsorship, even a small amount. We hope, of course, that your contribution does not replace your normal givings, considering that we are managing a budget shortfall. Contributions should be clearly marked "refugee sponsorship." Please speak to Edna Harding or Barbara Bisgrove for more information.

A Minute for Mission

Gifts with Vision is back! The Gifts with Vision catalogue turns gift giving into an opportunity to do something extra for our church partners. With Gifts with Vision, you give a gift to friends or family to support specific partner activities. With your gifts, we help create healthy places to live, promote justice, provide social services, and enliven worship.

Your Gift of $120 purchases a gift card for groceries in Red Sucker Lake, Garden Hill, or God’s Lake Narrows. In Manitoba’s fly-in First Nations communities, groceries are often two to three times more expensive than in cities. Some traditional food practices have become unstable or unpredictable due to the effects of global warming or environmental contamination. Help United Church ministries in these communities respond to hunger.

Get your copy of the catalogue at the church.

The Clothes Designers

When you can sense someone has made a special effort to dress up, or looks rather unique in their clothing it is natural to comment, and in doing so I learn who designs their own outfits. We have some interesting dress styles displayed at the drop-in.

A few of the men dress as if they were heading off to work in a bank. One often carries a briefcase (although I’ll let you into his secret and tell you it mainly contains his liquor supply.) Others favour jeans and shirts, and the younger ones like hoodies that hide their faces. Some of both sexes prefer all black as their colour coordination. Tattoos on both sexes add to the interesting appearances.

We have a least three women that I know of who design their clothes and dress entirely in their personal style. They search the clothing room for items they can alter and obviously buy fabric too. Like colourful birds in a flock of sparrows, I look forward to their displays. Last week one was entirely in black with red strips—a red headband, neck scarf, belt and socks on top of black tights. Her make-up was matching, with heavy black eyeshadow and scarlet lips.

Another favourite of mine wears many layers of colourful clothing and accessories, so her body is hidden under extravagant hats, fox fur scarves, capes and long skirts. One regular is totally unpredictable—unlike me always in jeans and a t-shirt—and one day will look totally regal in a floor-length dress with matching head covering, and the next she looks saucy in a short full-skirted dress with colourful tights.

So those of you who donate clothing for the drop-in be aware that yours may get a whole new life as part of a fashion statement!

Barbara Bisgrove

Community Announcements

Santa needs helpers! Marian O'Sullivan from the Weston Village BIA is looking for volunteers to assist with the Santa Claus parade on Sunday, November 29th at 2 pm. Those 18 years-old or older can assist with traffic control and anyone can deliver flyers (before the 29th). Contact Marion at 416-249-0691 or by email (admin@westonvillagebia.com).

Also, a reminder that Weston Road will be closed from noon to 3.30 pm this Sunday (Nov. 29) for the Santa Claus parade. The closure begins at Jane Street (in the south) and goes to St. Philips Road. Please plan accordingly.

Jubilate Singers present "Worlds Travelled and Untravelled: A Musical Evening of Epic Travel and Adventure." Hear choral works by Paul Halley, Randall Thompson, Rossini and more. Saturday, November 28, 7.30 pm at St. Simon-the-Apostle Church, 525 Bloor Street East. Tickets $25 ($20 for seniors, $15 for students).

The Toronto Children's Concert Choir and Performing Arts presents a Concert and Christmas/Kwanzaa Market on Saturday, November 28th at 2 pm, Weston Road Baptist Church, 1877 Weston Road. Doors open at 1 pm and the market closes at 6.30 pm. General admission: $10, Children 12 and Under $5.

Mount Dennis Community Association Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday November 30 from 7 to 9 pm at Mount Dennis Legion Hall on Weston Road. Our new MP, Ahmed Hussen, will be there from 6 pm for a "meet and greet" and he will speak at the beginning of the meeting. A discussion about all the big changes coming in our area will follow, such as the Mount Dennis Station, the Good Shepherd Church rebuild and West Park Hospital expansion. All 3 levels of government will be represented and new Executive Committee will be elected. Speak to Judith Hayes for more information.

In the Library

Reading Jesus: A Writer's Encounter with the Gospels by Mary Gordon

Reading Jesus is a personal journey through the fundamental Biblical stories. As celebrated author Mary Gordon ponders the intense strangeness of a deity in human form, unresolved moral ambiguities within the text, and the problem posed to her as an enlightened reader by the miracle of the Resurrection. What she rediscovers—and reinterprets with her signature candor, intelligence, and straightforwardness—is a rich store of overlapping, sometimes conflicting teachings that feel both familiar and tantalizingly elusive.

Worth a Look

As North Americans continue to come to grips with Protestant mainline decline, lots of ink is being spilled. Read one of the more thoughtful articles.

Photo by Judith Hayes


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