Covenanting service with Central United Church – Sunday November 21st, 2021

Hello folks…sorry this is so late…but, here is the link to our covenanting service at Central United Church, this Sunday November 21st, 2021….our story now begins!

Many thanks to Rev. Donna Bowman-Woodall from Shining Waters Region for leading us through the service and special thanks to Rev. Marlene Britton from General Council Office for being our guest speaker and of course, many…many thanks to all of the folks from Central United for their enthusiasm and support and willingness to take church beyond the walls! (…as usual, I was technically challenged getting the recording going, but folks came the rescue and you should be able to see the entire service). A special shoutout to P&M’s for accommodating our large crew for lunch. And yes, my mother was there in all of her glory….

Have a great week folks…..B