Central United Church – Worship link for Sunday January 2nd, 2022

Hello folks….here is the Youtube link to the service today. The music pieces are an epic fail, hard to hear and for one of them I felt inspired to sing along and it sounds just like Ethel Merman being murdered! Please feel free to fast forward through them.


Here is our New Year amaryllis and we will follow it over the weeks to see it grow (hopefully) and my hope is that by the time we are meeting back in person, we can enjoy the blooms together!

Here is the piece by Anne Weems that I read this morning and it is called Boxed.
Ann Weems writes… A piece called “Boxed”

I must admit to a certain guilt
About stuffing the Holy Family into a box
In the aftermath of Christmas.
It’s frankly a time of personal triumph when,
Each Advent eve, I free them (and the others)
From year’s imprisonment
Boxed in the dark of our basement.
Out they come, one by one,
Struggling through the straw,
Last year’s tinsel still clinging to their robes.
Nevertheless, they appear,
Ready to take their place agai
In the light of another Christmas.
The Child is first
Because he’s the one I’m most reluctant to box.
Attached forever to his cradle, he emerges
Apparently un scathed from the time spent upside down
To avoid the crush of the lid.
His mother dressed eternally in blue,
Still gazes adoringly,
In spite of the fact that
Her features are somewhat smudged.
Joseph has stood for eleven months
holding valiantly what’s left of his staff,
broken twenty Christmases ago
by a child who hugged a little too tightly.
The Wise Ones still travel,
Though not quite so elegantly,
The standing camel having lost its back leg
And the sitting camel having lost one ear.
However, gifts intact, they are ready to move.
The shepherds, standing or kneeling,
sometime confused with Joseph
(who wears the same dull brown),
Tumble forth, followed by three sheep
In very bad repair.
There they are again,
Not a grand set surely,
But one the children (and now grandchildren)
Can touch and moves about to re-enact
That silent night.
When the others return,
We will wind the music box on the back of the stable
And light the Advent candles
And go once more to Bethlehem.
And this year, when it’s time to pack the figures away,
We’ll be more careful that the Peace and Goodwill
Are not also boxed for another year!

…the nativity scene will be packed away for another year, but please make sure Peace and Goodwill aren’t slipped into the box by accident! We need all of the help we can get as we weather this current storm. There is light in sight and folks continue to flock to get their booster shot. We are on the right path.

Blessings for the week ahead. Tedtalks will resume on Tuesday and plans for a winter discussion group is in the works for late January. We will examine two pieces of scripture each week that will be used on the upcoming Sunday. Our goals are to see how they are relevant to our current times, what was the original intent and what does that mean today. The scriptures will be identified for the coming month, you can join at anytime, not feel badly about missing a session because you can look at the pieces at home on your own. There will be a 2pm session on Tuesday afternoons and a Thursday evening session via Zoom. At the beginning of each session, we will do a short check in to see how folks are doing.


Ps….two of the music links from today…

This Little Light of Mine – Bruce Springsteen 


Light Of The World – Lauren Daigle (words)


Recognition of the territorial land

Our location on the historic Carrying Place Trail (Weston Road) reminds us that we meet on the traditional territory of the Huron-Wendat, Petun, Seneca and, most recently, the Mississaugas of the Credit. We hope this ancient path will be a symbol of our desire to walk with Indigenous peoples in a spirit of reconciliation and respect.

Thank you for visiting with Central United Church. There are lots of ways to be involved in the life and work of the church and everyone is appreciated for the unique gifts that you bring! You can call the church office and leave a message and someone will get back to you with information (416) 241-7544. You are welcome to contact Rev. Brad on his cell phone 416-268-7592 for urgent needs, to set up a visit or get information. He can also be reached by email at binglis2@me.com. We do send out at least two weekly e-blasts and if you would like to be on this mail list, please let Brad know. And most importantly, if there is something you didn’t understand about the service today, want further discussion or to learn more about church committees and why we do things the way we do or offer feedback…please don’t hesitate to contact Brad or our Chair of Council Kathy Steiner at (416) 618-1759 or ksteiner@live.ca.