February 25, 2021

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Saint Jerome in His Study by Caravaggio, c. 1605, Galleria Borghese, Rome. This week’s study features three paintings by Caravaggio, including this one. The skull, a common element in paintings of St. Jerome, may represent mortality and the vanity of worldly things, or it may represent the spiritual perfection that follows the demise of our earthly bodies.

Continues tonight! Join our study tonight (Thursday, February 25) at 7 pm as we continue a four-part introduction to scripture (by Zoom). We will explore major themes, keys to understanding, and some well-loved passages. Each session will be approximately an hour. A Zoom invitation will be sent this afternoon. This week we will focus on the many tools and resources available to study the Bible, and we will even translate a verse of scripture!

Just announced: There will be a spring version of Sell Your Talent, with crafts, preserves, baking, and even an Easter CD. Watch this space.

Tax receipts were mailed this week. Many thanks for your generosity and dedication to Central.

The Upper Room has arrived. If you would like a copy, speak to Terry (416-417-1224) and he will send one out or arrange a time for pick-up.

Do you know about My Daily Minute? The Rev. Paul Ivany sends out a daily devotional email (around 5 am), a meaningful way to start the day. The email includes a scripture verse, a short reflection, a quote, and a link to video. A number of Centralites subscribe, and some have been known to submit a picture! Subscribe here.

Zoom worship continues! Join us this Sunday (February 28) beginning at 11 am. You will still receive the now traditional 8 am service by email. However, you can now watch a live version of the same service on your computer or device, followed by a time of fellowship. Like this past Sunday, you will be greeted by a host as you arrive (we recommend five or so minutes early) and have the opportunity to remain on the call for “coffee time” after the service. 

Will all Zoom invitations, there is an option to join by telephone. Here are some instructions:

1. To join by phone, choose a local number from the “Dial by your location” section of the Zoom invitation.  
2. Dial one of the 647 numbers and key in the Meeting ID when prompted, followed by the # key.
3. Ignore the request for a Participant ID and press # again.
4. Add the meeting Passcode and press #
 (once in the meeting, press *6 to mute and unmute)

Thanks to our Zoom hosts (Faith, Kathy, Joyce, and Kerri) as well as Jenny and Heather for making our weekly worship by Zoom possible.

In-person services cancelled. Recently the Ontario government extended all COVID-19 restrictions. While churches are not technically closed, we are limited to 10 people in worship. The Church Council Executive looked at this limitation, and the need to keep people safe, and decided to cancel public worship until these restrictions are lifted. Check your email for our weekly service, sent out around 8 am on Sunday. 

Here at the Blast, we love seasonal pictures. Do you have something to share?

The Church Council Executive continues to monitor the financial picture at Central. PAR is a blessing for us, along with those who have mailed in their offering or made a contribution online. We encourage you to help in any way you can, and we will even send someone to pick up your donation if you can’t get out to the mailbox. We thank you for your continued support. The mailing address is 1 King Street, Weston, Ontario, M9N 1K8 or you can give to Central online with CanadaHelps.

Photo by Liz Rodgerson

Worship at Central

Worship is currently online only. If you receive this blast, you will also receive an online service, around 8 am on Sunday. The email will include a link to the 11 am service by Zoom.

Readings this week:

Psalm 22: “All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the LORD.

Mark 8.31-38: “For what will it profit them to gain the whole world and forfeit their life?”

Read last week’s sermon. Did you miss a service, or misplace the link? Our services remain online for you to review and enjoy. Click oneking.ca/wp to visit our worship site.

More Announcements

The Church Council will meet on Sunday, March 14 at 12.30 pm (by Zoom), one week before the annual meeting.  Every once who belongs to a committee is a member of the Church Council. It’s generally a short meeting, with time for reviewing reports and passing a draft budget. Speaking of reports, a reminder to those responsible for drafting a report, please forward it to Taye as soon as possible.

Read the WAES food bank annual report here. It describes the impact WAES has made during the last few months, and says some kind things about Central.

Plan ahead! The administrative life of Central continues to unfold, with meetings planned and corresponding deadlines set. To that end, we can announce the Annual Meeting (by Zoom) scheduled for Sunday, March 21 at noon. Taye will be preparing the annual report, and needs individual reports by February 21. Sooner is better, of course, something this author will try to take to heart. 

The Weston Historical Society shared this photo on Facebook, with the following caption: “TTC Canadian Car & Foundry trolley coach #9117 heads northbound on Weston Road past Central United Church, approaching King Street. The photos is circa June 1971 and shows the old Steinberg’s that opened in 1965. By this time the store has become a Miracle Food Mart. The old Steinberg’s ‘S’ remains on the sign by the parking lot entrance, but the lettering on the top of the building towards the south end indicates Miracle Food Mart. This is the Weston Road that greeted us when we moved to the area in June 1971. This Richard Glaze photo comes to us via Transit Toronto and James Bow who has been uploading these images and many other old TTC images on that site.”

Central at 200

Part of our celebration is to catalog the history of Central and the congregations woven into our fabric. Earlier this year, Marlene, Sylvia, Kerri, and Kevin assisted in transcribing and digitizing our existing history books, from 1971 and 1996. Today we begin presenting highlights. This excerpt is found in the book “From Methodist Episcopal and Wesleyan Methodist to Central United” (1971) by Stanley Musselwhite:

The Chairman of Building Committees was Mr. Charles A. Graham, and the Senior Member of the Trustee Board was Mr. Joseph Nason. At this time the front of the 1887 building was taken out, the auditorium floor completely removed and the pulpit platform and choir loft dismantled. The author recalls at one stage of this renovation standing in the centre of a shell of four walls on bare ground below the level of the old basement floor gazing up at the ceiling which seemed to be at a very great height above.

A central entrance was provided with a short flight of steps leading into a small vestibule. A doorway from this hall led down a wide centre aisle into the beautiful chance as we now know it, with its side stalls for the choir, carved Communion Table, Reredos and panelling. The pulpit was placed to the left of the chancel and the console of the 1911 organ on the right. A carved baptismal font stood in front of the organ screen. Electric chimes donated by Mr. A. J. Barker were added to the organ at this time and connected to amplifiers in the west tower. In 1950 a new 24 stop two manual Casavant organ was installed at a cost of $16,000.00 as a memorial to those members of the congregation who gave their lives during the Second World War.

The main part of the sanctuary seated about 380 people, in addition to 40 in the Choir and 60 in the gallery. The latter was reached by a stairway built into the northwest spire tower. There was another doorway at ground level from King Street leading into this stairway and also down to the new basement auditorium now greatly improved by the removal of the furnace. Lowering of the basement floor also added to its improvement. In additional to the main room here there was a small tellers counting room at the rear and four classrooms. Two of these opened into the auditorium, providing small extensions to it. At the south end there was a good size stage about three feet above floor level. Doorways on either side of the stage led up three or four steps into the new section of the Sunday School which contained washrooms, a small nursery (later to become the Church School office), a fairly commodious kitchen (compared to its predecessor), and two large assembly rooms. A large hall separated the latter from the kitchen which was immediately behind the stage, and from this hall a doorway opened directly on to Main Street at street level. Also from this hall stairs went up on both the east and west sides to another hallway on the second floor behind the chancel.

Here were provided a roomy vestry with a private washroom for the Minister, a fine Ladies Parlour, another meeting room, and a kitchenette available to both of the latter. From this upper hall doors led directly into the chancel and also into the sanctuary. Most of this south wing remains substantially the same today but when major extensions were made in 1957, changes in this wing included combining the stage and kitchen into a choir room; archways between the two large rooms on each floor; wash room facilities for small children; and the alteration of the vestry into a room suitable for small meetings. It was later used for some years as the Church Library. The boiler facilities for heating installed in 1938 in a separate room on the east side were adapted for the use of the enlarged premises in 1957 with a change from coal to oil. The mortgage for the 1938 extension was burned in 1946.

Minute for Mission

Thank You for Your Support during the COVID-19 Crisis!

In 2020, your Mission & Service gifts: helped people at home and abroad struggling to put food on the table for their families; ensured those who are most vulnerable receive medical care and personal protective equipment; supported those who struggle with addiction and mental health issues to access counselling services; created networks of support for young people whose rhythms and relationships are disrupted because of the virus; provided emotional and spiritual care for those in hospital and their families as well as medical staff.

These are just some of the concrete ways your reliable support through Mission & Service has already made a huge difference during this crisis. Your ongoing support will continue to go directly to those who are most impacted by the pandemic at home and around the world.

Worth a Look

Thanks to Judith for commending President Joe Biden’s speech to mark a half-million lives lost to COVID-19. You can read or watch here.

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Territorial Acknowledgement

Our location on the historic Carrying Place Trail (Weston Road) reminds us that we meet on the traditional territory of the Huron-Wendat, Petun, Seneca and, most recently, the Mississaugas of the Credit. We hope this ancient path will be a symbol of our desire to walk with Indigenous peoples in a spirit of reconciliation and respect.

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