May 6, 2021

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Photo by Donna Latimer

Let’s make a list! To mark Mother’s’ Day, let’s compile of list of names: mothers, step-mothers, maternal figures, surrogate mothers, you get the picture. Send me one or two names (just first names) and we’ll add them to the online worship page.

The Outreach Committee will meet tonight (May 6) at 7 pm by Zoom.

Speaking of Outreach, the next Outreach Service will take place on Sunday, May 16 at 11 am (by Zoom). Our guest speaker will be our very own Mary Louise Ashbourne, who will speak about conservation and heritage, with special attention to the mighty Humber. 

The latest Upper Room has arrived. If you would like a copy, give Terry a call at 416-417-1224.

Zoom worship continues! Join us this Sunday (May 9) beginning at 11 am. You will still receive the now traditional 8 am service by email. However, you can now watch a live version of the same service on your computer or device, followed by a time of fellowship. Like this past Sunday, you will be greeted by a host as you arrive (we recommend five or so minutes early) and have the opportunity to remain on the call for “coffee time” after the service. 

Will all Zoom invitations, there is an option to join by telephone. Here are some instructions:

1. To join by phone, choose a local number from the “Dial by your location” section of the Zoom invitation.  
2. Dial one of the 647 numbers and key in the Meeting ID when prompted, followed by the # key.
3. Ignore the request for a Participant ID and press # again.
4. Add the meeting Passcode and press #
 (once in the meeting, press *6 to mute and unmute)

Thanks to our Zoom hosts (Faith, Kathy, Joyce, and Kerri) as well as Jenny and Heather for making our weekly worship by Zoom possible.

The Church Council Executive continues to monitor the financial picture at Central. PAR is a blessing for us, along with those who have mailed in their offering or made a contribution online. We encourage you to help in any way you can, and we will even send someone to pick up your donation if you can’t get out to the mailbox. We thank you for your continued support. The mailing address is 1 King Street, Weston, Ontario, M9N 1K8 or you can give to Central online with CanadaHelps.

Worship at Central

Worship is currently online only. If you receive this blast, you will also receive an online service, around 8 am on Sunday. The email will include a link to the 11 am service by Zoom.

Readings this week:

Psalm 98: “O sing to the LORD a new song, for he has done marvelous things.

John 15.9-17: “I have said these things to you so that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be complete.”

Read last week’s sermon. Did you miss a service, or misplace the link? Our services remain online for you to review and enjoy. Click to visit our worship site.

Another great photo from the Weston Historical Society. It was taken in 1990.

Central at 200

Part of our celebration is to catalog the history of Central and the congregations woven into our fabric. Earlier this year, Marlene, Sylvia, Kerri, and Kevin assisted in transcribing and digitizing our existing history books, from 1971 and 1996. This excerpt is found in the book “From Methodist Episcopal and Wesleyan Methodist to Central United” (1971) by Stanley Musselwhite:

Many others have of course given generously of time, treasure and talents but it is not possible to name them all, nor would it be fair to attempt to do so as obviously overlooked. There would appear to be very little chance of any group claiming a longer period of continuous service in the church than the Trustees, starting with the original seven named in the deed previously referred to. There are now 12 men on this Board, appointed for life as long as they retain membership in this congregation. While ladies have been elected as Elders and Stewards for some few years, none have been chosen to serve as Trustees to date. Most trustees are either Elders or Stewards, but not necessarily so.

Apart from their official duties on various boards and committees, and their participation in Sunday School, The Choir, and other activities, the men of the church have at different times formed other groups. These have operated as a Sunday study group or as a monthly social club, under such names as “The Brotherhood,” “The Men’s Club” etc. but there has been no substantial continuity to them through the years.

As previously noted, there are now Lady Elders and Lady Stewards. The former have a “Parish” wherein they have the spiritual oversight of members assigned to their care, and to whom they regularly deliver Communion Tokens. History was made at the Easter communion service in 1969, when for the first tie at Central four Lady Elders assisted in the serving of the Bread and the Wine. They were Mrs. Edna Dean, Miss Eveline McCort, Mrs. Elsie Powell and Mrs. Dorothy Sutton.

An Element of Truth

Barbara Bisgrove has graciously allowed us to share excepts of her publication “An Element of Truth: Stories Based on What Was Heard and Learned at the Drop-in.” In this section, Barbara shares the story of “Pete”

He stood on the sidewalk, outside the rundown house. He was a small man, shorter than average. His hair was starting to go grey, and he had a bald spot. He had on a well-worn black leather jacket, neatly ironed blue jeans, and on his feet were cleanly scrubbed running shoes. He was standing quite still as if sizing up the house. 

The house was a typical 1950’s Ontario structure with a veranda across the front, a pointed roof over the door, a street-facing bay window to the left, and two more on the second floor. There was a “For Sale” sign on the grass.  Besides the house ran several railway tracks carrying high-speed passenger trains to the city’s airport, commuter trains between the office blocks and suburban homes, and monotonously long freight trains heading across the country. The crossing gates clanged down when a train crossed the road, and in rush hour there was a constant stream of commuters hurrying past the spot where he stood outside the house. 

With a takeaway coffee cup in one hand and a folder under the other arm, he moved across the road to sit on the planks of wood surrounding one of the parking lot trees. Putting down his coffee cup, he searched for his cigarettes, pulled one out of the packet, tapped it and lit it with his lighter. He breathed in, sucking smoke into his lungs, and holding it there before releasing it and letting it float away on the small breeze. He had nowhere to go and plenty of time for his dreams.

There was a rumble of passing freight cars with their soothing and steady click, contrasted with the sharp and plaintive cries of seagulls circling in the grey sky above. He raised his head to watch them for a moment as if there was something familiar about them. Then he went back to the folder in hand. It contained a carefully typed business plan. 

Worth a Look

You don’t need to have a Twitter account to browse Vaccine Hunters Canada, an active group that are tracking available vaccines by location, age, and postal code!

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Territorial Acknowledgement

Our location on the historic Carrying Place Trail (Weston Road) reminds us that we meet on the traditional territory of the Huron-Wendat, Petun, Seneca and, most recently, the Mississaugas of the Credit. We hope this ancient path will be a symbol of our desire to walk with Indigenous peoples in a spirit of reconciliation and respect.

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Photo by Cathy Leask